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Gala Pharmacy

We seek to provide positive impact on our customers by providing them with the necessary health related products that contribute to their well-being.

With an endless selection of pharmaceutical medicines and over the counter products that are clearly grouped and classified making it easy for our customers to shop and identify what they are looking for.

Availability of all registered medicines, in addition to a wide range of skincare cosmetic and treatment products, vitamins, supplements, baby care, and medical equipments.

We are proud to introduce among our services the Chronic Patient Profile to facilitate to our customers the availability of their medication requirements on schedule and assist them in monitoring their health condition.

From our dedication to provide the best service we focus also in delivering high quality products, for instance among the sking care products we provide: Vichy, SebaMed, Sally Hansen, Anubis Care, Avene, Uriage, NeoStrata, Obagi, SVR, La Roche-Posay, Vebix,Dermacol, Beesline, Garnier, Noreva, Gerovetal, Boiderma, Nuxe and much more.

Health Tips

Importance of routine blood tests:

Few years ago, blood testing was considered to most physicians for only ascertain cardiovascular risk factors for the patient.  Read More

How to Care for Your Teeth:

It is of great importance to have good oral health habits since dental problems may have much more negative consequences than you can ever imagine!  Read More

Gala Pharmacy

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