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Gala Medical Center

Fully integrated outpatient medical facility that provide best medical services with high quality standards within a high technical and medical support of a well experienced and trained staff and cooperation with the best medical consultants.

Our services includes but not limited to 24 hours Emergency Medical Service, Emergency home visits, laboratory and medical tests, Dental clinic, Minor operations, x-rays, cosmetology and diabetic special care.

With easy to access location at Dabouq area, We became one of the leading Healthcare centers and maintains a promise to exceed our customers expectations.

Gala Dental Clinic

Our dental clinic are always on the cutting edge of dental technology and are among the first to introduce new and improved procedures that are designed to enhance our services by providing you with the best dental care possible.

We provide a full range of dental treatment including: cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, prosthetic dentistry, children's dentistry, orthodontics and, of course, general dentistry and hygiene services, combined with the latest technologies in Endodontics, Cosmetic Hollywood smile, whitening and teeth facing.

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Gala Medical Laboratory

Our goal is to provide patients, doctors, clinics, polyclinics and hospitals with sophisticated lab-analysis and routine medical tests that meet predefined quality parameters.

We provide all types of medical tests with no any exception: Biochemistry, Hematology, Serology, Hormones & Tumor markers, Microbiology and a very wide diversity of special tests like: food intolerance tests, inhalant & food allergy tests, hemoglobin & protein electrophoresis and much more.

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Gala Pharmacy

We seek to provide positive impact on our customers by providing them with the necessary health related products that contribute to their well-being.

With an endless selection of pharmaceutical medicines and over the counter products that are clearly grouped and classified making it easy for our customers to shop and identify what they are looking for. Availability of all registered medicines, in addition to a wide range of skincare cosmetic and treatment products, vitamins, supplements, baby care, and medical equipments.

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Health Tips

Importance of routine blood tests:

Few years ago, blood testing was considered to most physicians for only ascertain cardiovascular risk factors for the patient.  Read More

How to Care for Your Teeth:

It is of great importance to have good oral health habits since dental problems may have much more negative consequences than you can ever imagine!  Read More